Emerise NowlanAcadian-born artist Emerise LeBlanc-Nowlan has been active in the art world for more than twenty five years. She has perfected her own style by experimenting with different mediums including pastel, watercolour, and oil. She paints what she sees and feels, fully immersing herself in the experience.

Emerise is an energetic and spontaneous artist often having several works in progress simultaneously. Her paintings are vibrant and alive, and often evoke powerful emotional responses. She is also noted for her skill to portray fluid movement and natural expression, her themes drawing mostly from nature and people.

Her artistic ability extends from the visual to the literary, having written and illustrated a number of children’s books. The characters and illustrations relate to her childhood experiences and life in a small rural community, her medium of choice being watercolour for its grace and softness.

Emerise’s background includes formal training at the Ottawa School of Art and Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in Saint Andrews as well as being mentored by a number of renowned artists including Joe Collins. She is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, one of her lifelong goals.

Her work has been displayed in numerous galleries and exhibits from the Maritimes through to Ontario and has received various prizes and distinctions. She presently operates Artgora, her own art gallery and studio.

Emerise shares her passion with youth by being involved with local organizations and providing art workshops and related activities. In 1997, she founded Second Chance Centre, a not-for-profit organization to help youth connect with society by engaging them in the creation of visual art under the guidance of volunteer professional artists.